$200 per surfer gets you the following:

  • 5 nights / 6 days lodging in the GOOFY or REGULAR room. 
  • up to 3 meals per day freshly prepared (lunch is served at 1 PM so your first and last day’s food will depend on your arrival and departure schedule)
  • private beach with access to at least 3 quality uncrowded surf breaks
  • swimming pool / rancho / sun deck

* Offer valid until November 30, 2016. Does not include transportation to and/or from the GSN facilities, however, we can help explain your options.

** Wifi available at $3 per 24 hours (500 mg data limit)

*** Room includes electric fan. Add $50 for air-con in the night. $100 for unlimited air-con.

  • We are located approximately 8 km south of Miramar / Puerto Sandino. Public bus transportation is available from Managua or Leon to Puerto Sandino. From Puerto Sandino you can hire a mototaxi for the remaining 15 minute ride to our facilities in the secluded and private Playa Hermosa. Below is a link to google maps for reference.

There are 3 main surf breaks to choose from and are perfect for all levels of surfers. The REEF, Kiddie Pools and The Louvre @ Los Playones. Kiddie Pools and the REEF deliver for beginner to intermediates when the surf is under head high. When the surf is overhead, Kiddie Pools and The Louvre deliver for more intermediate to advanced surfers. When the swell is well overhead to double or triple overhead, there are some semi-secret spots locally that handle the size.

Basic accommodations from 2 to 6 travelers

Sleep well after surfing your brains out015

Surf up to 5 different secluded surf breaks within walking distance

Great wave options for all levels of surfers080

All meals included

Freshly prepared authentic dishes plus fresh seasonal juices and unlimited bottled water included in priceIMG_0805

Want to surf quality breaks with just you and your friends?

Email or call for availability and get stoked on the uncrowded selection of waves172